Student Reflections

“I have my eyes open to art that I see now.  I notice things more.  It’s just cool when you can ask somebody about things and hear stories behind stuff.  You learn a lot about people through it.  I definitely have changed my views on local artists and given it a lot more time and thought.”
“It’s opened my eyes to a lot to things.  Now when I’m in a shop and I see something, I’m like ‘oh, that’s unique and different.’  I wonder if they made that, if they know somebody who made that, or what’s behind that.”
“It’s cool to see [the museum staff] actually care about it. They just didn’t sit there thinking ‘oh, these are some high school kids.’ They were super connected to it and I thought that was cool because now people get the opportunity [to learn about the artists].  I was talking to my dad about it and he was like, ‘oh my gosh – you’re doing something for the Children’s Museum?  That is so cool!’  You feel like you’ve never done anything like that before.  I never thought I would be presenting something to a board of people.  It was really cool.”
“I liked interviewing the people.  To me it feels more professional than just taking pictures of their work. . . It’s nice to see their perspective on their own work and area of work.”
“I feel that the whole experience was interesting.  Like I don’t think I’ve ever done anything similar to this before.  I felt really professional going into the Children’s Museum because I actually had something to put there, not to just look at the exhibits.”
“I feel like I have more choice in this class than any other class because we don’t start by having the teacher tell us what we are going to study.  We might have a discussion about what parts of the community interest us.  Or, we could be given cameras and told to explore, enter places, and highlight aspects about places we like.  We come to decisions together after talking about our interests”
“It’s not something that people do on a regular basis and looking at something from a different perspective after looking at it for so long.  You go through your life ‘that’s just a store’ or ‘that’s just the decorations they put up’.  But like when you take time to look at what they really did it really changes the way you look at other things on a daily basis.  I would recommend this to someone because it was eye opening to the fact that things we see everyday are actually art.
“Yeah, I’ve driven through Cross Plains probably 500 times because my cabin is up north and I always drive through it to get there and I never really have stopped in there, never really talked to anybody. When you stop someplace like that, you’re like, wow there are people here to have really cool stuff.  I just thought it was a small town.  Then you stop and you realize it’s more of a community and he knows this guy who does work for his shop and it’s really interconnected.  It was kind of cool to feel the closeness of a town that you have never experienced before.”
“Art is not my thing so I was afraid to take this class.  I was like, ‘I don’t know anything about design process, any of this.’  But I feel I’ve learned a lot about how to make things visually appealing through the design process.  Like, less is more.  I definitely learned how to make things appealing and about the design process in general.”
“I would feel bad if someone came in to tell stuff about me and then their exhibit looked bad or something.  You would feel this is something that is super important to me and these kids didn’t take it seriously.  I felt it was a respect thing and also just trying to honor something that is so important to somebody.  I thought it was helpful and thought if he were to see this – is it something that I would present to him and have him be like, ‘wow, you guys really captured it. ‘ Or, would he look at it and be disappointed. So I just kept that mind-state.  I thought that was important. ” 
“When I think of local artists, I think of in the area, like local, you know someone in the Madison or Wisconsin region. Then if it’s handcrafted and stuff like that, I feel it’s a different subject.  You can have art in your house that obviously someone else made but I think it’s a different category than a piece of art that you’re like, ‘oh, my neighbor made this’ or ‘somebody I know made this.’  The word local to me is just nearby or close.”
I enjoyed hearing how Todd made all of the fine detailed pieces of the guitars. Like the pieces with the oysters and the colored wood strips. I would have thought they were machine made because they are so good.”